Pilot Mountain Ventures is a seed stage venture capital firm, based out of New York City but investing globally in opportunities where we can add value.  Our team is comprised of successful investors, corporate officers, consultants, and entrepreneurs with over fifty years combined experience. Our target investment is in the seed round, but we will invest up to through the Series A. While we are industry agnostic, we focus in technology and medical device where our partners have the most experience. Besides a financial investment, Pilot Mountain adds value that enables seed stage companies to hit the growth they need, through our business development partners, strategic advice, and recruiting network. We also help get you to that next funding round.

We like scalable businesses, with low costs, and foreseeable exits. And we like investing in people solving real problems. We like visionaries, with determinate views of the future. We like when those visions serve to disrupt existing markets and create new ones. And while we believe in the importance of product and market, we believe most importantly in founders and teams. We prefer founding teams to solo founders, and we prefer successful serial entrepreneurs most of all. We establish relationships with our founders. We don’t perform transactions with them. Shoot us an email if you want to hear more.